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If you're not already an avid reader, it is time to get started becoming one. You can easily become a regular reader by starting with reading for just 15 minutes every day. Each week you can add an extra 5 minutes until you’re up to 1 hour. I typically have an on-going goal to read at least one book that is going to help me improve in some way every month.

My first book on my personal development journey was an easy read called “The Maverick Mindset” by Doug Hall. That book that ignited a fire inside of me that continues to burn to this day. I have now read over 110 books, typically focusing on personal growth, spirituality, business and health & wellness. Each one, contributing in some small way, to help me to become a better version of myself. 

Many of these books I have read multiple times. My favorites tend to be very used up by the time I finish with them. When I get into a book I devore the content. I highlight key points. I write notes in the margins. I dog ear my favorite pages. I even make notes in my journals about the content. One thing I will say is that I find it is easy to read the content and understand the concepts but it is an entirely different matter to put those ideas into practice in daily life.  

The present moment is where the rubber it’s the road. I must be a slow learner because I’ve read some of these books 5 and 6 times and I still haven’t been able to put everything into practice in my daily life. Yet I persist! I just keep going at it and this is one of the reasons why I’ve been successful. I persist until I succeed. I try over and over again until I develop new habits and slowly change who I am. Bit by bit, one tiny change at a time. Most of these changes are barely noticeable to the people around me on a daily basis but over the years I’ve experienced massive change and improvement! 

When I consider what my income was when I started this journey of personal growth and development versus where I am today, I am now earning at least 4x what I was. Like I said, the income you earn is directly related to the value you bring to the marketplace. Learn more to earn more!


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